Emperor Il-Khazar Caridan I

Il-Khazar Caridan was the first Emperor of the Iskari Empire which once controlled most of the continent of Ikharos.

Il-Khazar was known by many names; The "First Emperor," the "Soul-Binder," the "Paragon of Virtue," the "Rune-Forger," and the "Ancient One." He was both a great warrior and a powerful sorcerer, who ruled over the Iskari Empire for more than 400 years.

Sadly, upon his death, his Empire was torn apart by the seven Runelords which he had appointed.


According to myth, Il-Khazar was originally an exile from the ancient nation of Kalinor, but was also a great visionary. Through sheer force of will, Il-Khazar spent many years amassing a vast knowledge of magic, which he then used to defeat all his rivals and forge a great empire that controlled almost the entire continent of Ikharos.

At its peak, the empire commanded most of the continent of ikharos after defeating both the nations of Kalinor and Jandelay. Though exact dates from this pre-skyfall time are hard to gauge, it is believed that Il-Khazar began the formation of the Iskari Empire seven thousand years ago.

Il-Khazar forged his Empire using many tools. Most notable was Il-Khazar's creation of "Rune-Giants." Vast armies of these powerful creatures were magically bred by him to serve as fanatically loyal and ruthless soldiers, who conquered all enemies of the Empire.

Use of Rune-Magic

Il-Khazar's ultimate goal was to create a civilized paradise within his empire. To do this, Il-Khazar bargained with many strange and powerful creatures, including Aboleth, Chromatic Dragons, and even Mind-Flayers.

It is believed that these creatures bestowed upon Il-Khazar the knowledge of "Rune-Magic," the language of creation itself, and the most powerful tool of the Goddess of Magic.

Il-Khazar then wielded that arcane knowledge to shape the Iskari Empire, and created an incredibly advanced civilization, based upon his own unique vision.

Establishment of the Runelords

Eventually the Empire became too large for even Il-Khazar to control from the Imperial Palace at Khorvis. To govern his vast empire more effectively, Il-Khazar divided it into seven Imperial Districts; each of which then controlled a dozen smaller Imperial Provinces.


To administer these seven Districts, Il-Khazar appointed seven powerful wizards, whom he believed were completely loyal to him. In a fateful decision, the Emperor then gave his seven newly-appointed District rulers the secrets of his Rune-Magic.

Ironically, these seven "Runelords," as they became known, eventually conspired together to murder Il-Khazar and take control of his Empire.


Due to his magical powers, Il-Khazar lived much longer than an average man. From the Alabaster Throne, he ruled the Iskari Empire for more than 400 years, until his death at the age of 467.

His death was as exceptional as his life. As he aged, the "Ancient One," as he was called in his final years, started losing his grip over both his Empire and his magical abilities.

Il-Khazar did not succumb to old age, but was instead consumed by a horrific magical explosion which immolated him and destroyed much of his palace.

This explosion was actually engineered by the Runelords, who wished to depose him and gain control over the Empire.

After Il-Khazar's death, his eldest son; Il-Khezet was officially anointed as the new Emperor. But this was merely a charade, and actual rule of the empire was now held exclusively by the seven Runelords.

Il-Khezet; the aptly-named "Puppet Emperor," remained on the Alabaster Throne for the remainder of his life, largely for the sake of tradition.

But at all times, he was imprisoned within the Imperial palace at Khorvis, where he could be most effectively watched and controlled.