Queen Ileosa Eridani

Queen Ileosa Eridani is the much-younger second wife of King Garik II of Gwynne.

There are many dark rumors about Ileosa; that she secretly practices witchcraft, and is lovers with the King's only son; Prince Gerold.

Early life

Ileosa was born to House Arabani; one of the city of Renford's most powerful Gwynnish noble families. Instead of marrying a wealthy Thannish nobleman, as was expected of her, she rejected tradition and moved to Ashara; scandalizing her family with her actions.

Having pursued King Garik II at Court for some time, she was quickly able to seduce him after the death of his first wife; Myranda. After falling in love with the beautiful young woman, and a scandalously short courtship, King Garik II married her three years ago.

As Queen

Ileosa holds much of the city of Ashara in open contempt, and accordingly, is not well-liked among the common folk of the city. As a result, the Queen is always accompanied by her personal bodyguard; a female Vilzari knight named Sabrina.