Duke Idarius Robard

Idarius Robard is a powerful Iskari aristocrat who currently rules the city of Wyn Falas.

Lord Idarius appears as a grossly fat nobleman, who has a reputation as greedy, petulant, but also, extremely savvy, politically. Robard maintains close ties with the Royal Court of Iskandar, and keeps a constant eye on rival nobles. Most Iskari nobles consider Idarius a dangerous rival, and make sure not to cross him in any way.

Lord Robard's chief deputy for municipal affairs is a powerful magistrate named Lord Ironbriar.

House Robard

The Robards are one of the oldest, wealthiest, and most influential Iskari noble families. Lord Mathias Robard; its founding patriarch, was a loyal ally to King Istavar Brevald, which assured his family a secure position within the Kingdom.

For centuries, the Robard family has ruled the city of Wyn Falas.