Ilnavar (Karthis)

(population: 33,000) Ilnavar is the second largest city of Elyria, and was once a major city of the ancient realm of Erindar.

Ilnavar is located on the southeastern border of the kingdom along the western banks of the Eldir Vaas River, south of the Golden Hills, and north of the Purple Mountains. Only the oldest part of this city is walled; its ancient fortifications hearkening back to a time of the wars between the Iskari and the Vaas.

Today, the city is primarily an agricultural and mercantile trading center, and earns much of its wealth from the river trade along the Eldir Vaas. Inside the city is the large fortress of Castle Ironheart. The city of Ilnavar is accessible via the Axeway, which connects it to the capitol city of Rilsavar to the northwest and to Castle Celadon to the southeast.

The city is currently governed by Duke Loris Caswell.


In the distant years of the Fourth Age, Ilnavar was a very different city. In fact, it even had a different name; "Karthis."

The ancient city-state of Karthis was a Vaas stronghold that controlled much of what is today, the Kingdom of Elyria. After the establishment of the Kingdom of Cyrendar on Westvale Island; the Iskari began to cross the Iron Sea and raid coastal settlements. These raids escalated into the Karthic Wars; of a series of conflicts fought between the City of Karthis and Cyrendar.

Eventually, King Ilnavel IV's Iskari army captured the city in the year 597/4, after a long siege. The fall of the city was a historical turning point. It marked the Fall of Karthis, the end of the House of Madrigal, and the beginning of the War of Terror.

At that time, Karthis was re-named "Ilnavar," after King Ilnavel; the famous king who escaped the "Doom," conquered Urland, and established Cyrendar. For nearly two centuries, the Iskari held the city, until a series of Vaas counter-attacks forced them to withdraw back across the Iron Sea to their island kingdom. However, the Iskari influence, and the name, stuck. Afterward, the city remained an ethnic mixture of both cultures and remains so even today.

Rule by the House of Gildayne

In the year 853/4, the Iskari king Irovar II was killed at the epic battle of Vickers, and his army defeated. This battle resulted in the Treaty of Gildayne, which formally ended the War of Terror, and led to a period of resurgence and prosperity for the city. The defeat of the Iskari was largely credited to a Vaas champion named Magnus Gildayne, who was later anointed King of the newly-independent city-state of Ilnavar. The House of Gildayne continued to rule the city for many years.

Sadly, King Willem Gildayne and his three sons were slain in the War of the Pretender, leaving only the 17-year old Queen Rowena to rule in their stead. She soon submitted to Erin Fremantle, lost her crown, and her family was reduced to vassals of the Kingdom of Erindar.

Rule by the House of Caswell

The Gildaynes were extinguished after the bloody Wars of Destiny and replaced by the House of Caswell; who were loyal vassals of King Erin Fremantle