King Ilnavel Cyrenäe

(1099/3-21/4) One of the Seven Champions of the West and founder of the Iskari Kingdom of Cyrendar. In the year 1137 of the Third Age, Ilnavel sailed a great fleet of 1,000 ships east across the Wyn Myr and founded an Iskari colony at Wyn Falas; the abandoned Elf city his father Ilvanos had discovered. He spent another 40 years building and expanding that colony. Eventually Ilnavel claimed all the lands of Corwyn west of the Iron Sea as his own.

By the year 1170/3, he was a famous leader of the Iskari peoples of Corwyn and was approached by the Saar to assist in the coming fight against Alokkair. Even though Adar was no direct threat to his people, Ilnavel agreed to fight, along with 5,000 of his bravest warriors. At this point the Council of Sorcerë granted Ilnavel FOEHAMMER; one of the seven Melanthir swords, as a reward for his courage and leadership. He then wielded that sword against Alokkair's forces at the Battle of Thürdrum.

He the kingdom of Cyrendar in 19/4. He assumed the Onyx Throne that same year. King Ilnavel died at the age of 101 in the Year 21 of the Fourth Age

Ilnavel was related to Empress Azonia; the last ruler of the lost Iskari Empire of Iskandar. He is considered the greatest of Iskari heroes, and was the founder of the Cyrenäe Dynasty. The surname "Cyrenäe" was given to King Ilnavel by the Council of Sorcerë; it means "Hailing from Cyr" in elvish.

Legends of Ilnavel

Ilnavel was Iskari nobility, and was born in the district capital city of Cyr. He later moved with his family to the Imperial capital of Khorvis. Ilnavel was unhappy with the politics of the Empire, as by this time it had become completely corrupt, beset by multiple internal divisions, civil wars and invasions by the nation of Kalinor. Legends say that around this same time, his father Ilvanos returned from his many travels, and told Ilnavel of an abandoned ancient elvish city. More importantly, Ilvanos brought with him a mysterious wise wizard named Arcelor, who foretold the Doom of Iskandar. It was then that Ilnavel began building his great fleet of ships. Soon thereafter, he left the continent forever and the empire was destroyed in Skyfall. It is said Ilnavel saw the carnage from many miles away on his ship, saying "we can never return." Ilnavel and his 40,000 followers eventually landed at the abandoned elvish city of Wyn Falas and made it their new home.