King Ilnavel Cyrenäe IV; "Ironheart"

(Reign: 580-609/4) King Ilnavel Cyrenäe IV; known as the "Ironheart," was a powerful ruler of Iskandar and the 21st monarch from his Dynasty.

Ilnavel IV was the son of Queen Isobel, but he was less wise than his mother and far more ruthless.

Upon ascending the Onyx Throne, the young King was determined to conquer the Eastvale and crush all Vaas resistance permanently. He, and many members of the Iskari Royal Court, had grown tired of the constant rebellions and scheming promoted by the rulers of Karthis.

The Third Karthic War

Within only a few months of taking the throne, Ilnavar IV was presented with yet another uprising by Karthis. King Egan; the ruler of Karthis personally installed by Queen Isobel, was assassinated and a new King proclaimed, named Agaron. This new King again refused to honor the Treaty of Rheems with Iskandar.

King Ilnavel IV then gathered a large Iskari army, sailed across the Iron Sea, and invaded mainland Corwyn. This marked the beginning of the Third Karthic War, and would rage mercilessly for another three years. The Third Karthic War finally ended at the bloody battle of Chandros; where King Agaron the Usurper was slain.

The Fourth Karthic War

In the year 597/4, Ilnavel mounted a successful military campaign which resulted in the capture of Karthis. He then ordered a massive fortress built directly north of it called "Ironheart."

The capture of Karthis was considered the most important Iskari victory in the Karthic Wars, and had lasting cultural and political significance. Even today, it is still a point of bitterness between the Iskari and Vaas peoples.

King Ilnavel IV was also responsible for instituting the infamous "War of Terror," against the Vaas peoples of the Eastvale. To the Vaas, He remains a bitterly hated figure today