Capitol: Imshar
Population: 737 ,000 (89% Hakeen, 9% Eloysians, 2% other)
Demi-humans: few
Humanoids: few(mostly kobolds)
Government: Sultanate
Current Leader: Sultan Shar Varsalla (CG 12th level sorcerer/9th level bard)
Coat of Arms: three pink seashells on a sand colored field
Exports: pearls, sea shells, herbs, fruit, crafts, textiles

Located deep within the Vhan Myr Ocean, this chain of more than twenty-nine large and over two hundred small islands is home to the smallest of the three Hakeen island nations. Once all three were trading partners with the Xholar Empire of Corwyn, but that is lost to history. Ilsenene’s islands are home to vast jungles and deep forests, which give the Ilseni their crops of rare herbs and roots. But it is the profits from the sales of the all-important pearl beds that make the Ilseni so wealthy. The more than two-hundred small islands give way to a veritable maze of shallow channels, reefs, and clear blue pools that are home to so many of the rich pearls. Ilseni pearls are the wonder of Avokhar and are usually larger and richer in color than Kurandian pearls. Ilseni ships and their coastlines have always been targets of raids from envious neighbors. Because of these threats from pirates and to protect itself against invaders, Ilsenene has a small standing army of 3,000 soldiers, and a small but capable navy of 28 warships. In time of war, the Sultan can muster up to 25,000 troops, which are very loyal and well-trained. Conflict is usually unnecessary because Ilsenene is allied with both the powerful Hakeen nations of Rhaygos and Styr, and the powerful kingdom of Orel. Ilseni ships can be recognized by their bright yellow-painted hulls, and triangular sails of pure white silk. The coat of arms of Ilsenene consists of three pink seashells on a sand colored field. The current ruler of Ilsenene is Sultan Shar Varsalla, who rules the island nation from the capitol of Imshar.