Home Plane: The Abyss
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Domains: Chaos, Darkness, Death, Evil
Portfolio: Envy, Cunning, Deception
Worshipers: Evil priestesses
Symbol: Mask
Ilsundal is Corwyn’s Dark Goddess of Jealousy and Weakness.

Ilsundal is the daughter of Eiryundal, the Goddess of Night, and the sister of Nestor, the God of Secrets, and the Mother of Knorr, God of Fear, whom she had to seduce a mortal man to create. Ilsundal is the mistress of all envy in the world. As such, she is also the Matron-Deity of jealousy, weakness, spite, and coveting.

Her symbol is a great golden Mask, made from the tears of the first jealous mortal female on Corwyn. Ilsundal is a bitter and conniving Goddess, and her followers can be a dangerous foe to any innocent victim or perceived enemy. Her followers wear bright green robes, gold masks and much gaudy jewelry to represent the burning color of the envious nature of their mistress, and are almost always female priests.

The followers of Ilsundal have been known to commit human sacrifices on beautiful women who may outshine the vanity of Ilsundal. Ilsundal’s followers erect few temples as her priestly orders enjoy their privacy, and never worship openly or outside their temples and havens. The only known temple to Ilsundal is located in the city of Sarkosa. Ilsundal’s chief rival is the God Etahr.