Ilvanos Cyrenäe; "Ilvanos the Explorer"

(1066-1132/3) Ilvanos Cyrenäe; commonly known as "Ilvanos the Explorer," was a great Iskari explorer and adventurer. He was the father of Ilnavel Cyrenäe; the first ruler of Iskandar.

Legend has it, that in the year 1085 of the Third Age, Ilvanos left his native city of Cyr, and set off from the continent of Ikharos to explore the known world.

During his long journey, he and his small ship came upon a great discovery: the continent of Corwyn. For several years, Ilvanos and his crew explored the ancient elven ruins they found there. At this time, Ilvanos met a strange and mysterious wizard named Arcelor. The two men became close travel companions.

In the year 1099/3, when Ilvanos returned to Ikharos, he brought Arcelor back with him. During the long sea-journey, Arcelor had foretold the "Doom," and Ilvanos had come to believe the prophecy without hesitation. Arcelor had also shown Ilvanos Wyn Falas; a great abandoned city built by the Elder-Elves. This city would one day become the capital of Iskandar.

Once he returned home, Ilvanos told his young son Ilnavel of the great abandoned ancient elvish city, and the impending "Doom." It was then that Ilnavel and his father began building a great fleet of ships to escape the doomed continent. Unfortunately, Ilvanos grew ill and died before the fleet was completed. Soon thereafter, Ilnavel left the continent forever; just before the Iskari Empire was destroyed in the meteor-strike called Skyfall.

Ilvanos was married to Empress Azonia of Khorvis.