Duke Imrahil Belsey

Imrahil Belsey is a powerful Iskari aristocrat who currently rules the city of Tharnia and the Duchy of Rhoyden

Today, Duke Imrahil rules the mixed city of Tharnia with an even hand. Because one-third of the city population is made up of ethnic Cynarans, there have always been racial tensions.

Since he became Duke eighteen years ago, Imrahil has worked hard to appoint several Cynaran nobles into important positions and has made every effort for inclusion.

House Belsey

The noble Belsey family goes back about 800 years. Its founder; Lord Kholtar Belsey was essentially an up-jumped merchant who maneuvered his way into the nobility of Iskandar via graft and bribery, rather than military service.

However, since its inception; the House of Belsey has always been politically loyal and reliable, and the Kings sitting on the Onyx Throne have rewarded them well. Rumor has it the Belseys are the wealthiest family in Iskandar, after House Harrow.