(population: 55,000) Imshar is the gigantic, capitol city of the Hakeen island Sultanate of Ilsenene.

Imshar is a sprawling city of stone, timber, and clay, built into the hillside of the enormous Mount Ilvadreen. Dominating the skyline is the opulent palace of the Ilseni Sultan, which overlooks the crowded and bustling city. Imshar is a thriving seaport, and competes with Ko-Dan as the greatest producer of pearls in the known world. The city is known throughout the world of Oris as the 'Hakeen-Pearl, and "Pearl City."

Imshar is also one of the great seaports of the Vhan Myr; its huge azure-blue harbor is surrounded on both sides of the main inlet by tall hills, a nd one giant mountain, that shelter the ships within.

Imshar is one of the busiest seaports in the world of Oris; at any time more than 400 assorted merchant vessels from Al' Kethai, Malvatis, Orel, Rhaygos, Styr, the Seven Cities of Brass, and Yamada can be found in the huge but tranquil Al-Nhoor Harbor.