Incursion Wars

The Incursion Wars were three separate, bloody Vilzari invasions of Eldara between 1256 and 1279/4.

All three wars were led by the Vilzari king Alzakar K’Noth. The wars ended three royal bloodlines by their conclusion;

First: King Hagar Durethë II of Eldara was slain in 1257/4, during a Vilzari ambush,
Second: Radovan Mallistäer II, of Rhodara was slain in 1264/4, during the Battle of Flint Harbor
Third: King Rygar Alesard of Orel was slain in 1279/4 at the Battle of Relanoth.

The war ended with a stunning Vilzari defeat at the Battle of Relanoth, in which Alzakar K’Noth and King Rygar Alesard of Orel were slain. The war left the kingdom of Orel financially and militarily devastated; a prospect that King Gayorg Gwyharë of Rhodara would capitalize on only four years later.

After Alzakar’s death, the Vilzari fell back into anarchy for many centuries, until the rise of K’Foth A’Nar in 422/5.