Inorlaiken Clan

Powerful ruling clan of the dwarves led by King Gromnir the Invincible; who founded the Dwarf-Realm of Chokar and its beautiful stone city of Arkan Feyr in 757/2. The Inorlaiken Clan was one of the five original dwarf clans on Corwyn, ruled Chokar for 1,439 years, and nine Dwarf-Kings sat on the Greystone Chair in Arkan Feyr. The Inorlaiken Clan also possessed one of the five Elatir. This clan was wiped out during the terrible War of Sorrows in 655/3, along with its last king; Goran the Steadfast.

The nine Dwarf-Kings of Chokar from the Inorlaiken Clan are listed below:

Gromnir 757-926/2
Garth 926-1022/2
Gorthon 1022-1269/2 †
Gunthar 1269-1451/2
Gurthok 1451-1521/2 †
Gorlag 1521-1541/2,1-187/3
Grimbold 187-325/3 †
Gorn 325-527/3
Goran 527-655/3 †