Inorlaiken Clan

The dwarvish Inorlaiken Clan founded the ancient realm of Chokar in the year 757/2, led by Clan-master Gromnir the Invincible.

The Saar gave this Clan one of the five Val-Khûra stones, which they used to build the magnificent city of Arkan Feyr, and then rule Chokar for 1,439 years. During that time, nine successive Dwarf-Kings sat on the Greystone Chair in the Great Hall of Arkan Feyr.

In 655/3, The clan was wiped out during the terrible War of Sorrows, along with its last king; Goran the Steadfast.

The Dwarf-Kings of Chokar from the Inorlaiken Clan

Gromnir 757-926/2
Garth 926-1022/2
Gorthon 1022-1269/2 †
Gunthar 1269-1451/2
Gurthok 1451-1521/2 †
Gorlag 1521-1541/2,1-187/3
Grimbold 187-325/3
Gorn 325-527/3
Goran 527-655/3 †