Iridescent Order

The Iridescent Order was an extremely powerful order of Shadurian wizards, who served the lost realm of Sha'Dur for over a thousand years.

Based in the city of Garuda, the Iridescent Order once wielded the secret knowledge to control dragons, and to create many of the magical creatures found today on Oris. Their most notable creation was the Rakshasa, a magical hybrid race of beings—part cat, part human. The Rakshasa were created by the order to serve as thralls of their masters in Sha'Dur. The Iridescent Order also magically bred the Qualons and Troglodytes, and magically enslaved the native Tasloi.


The wizards of the order magically bred creatures known today as the Chimera, Manticore, and the Minotaur; as well as countless other creatures, through their strange experiments.

Ironically, the Rakshasa; the most infamous creatures ever bred by the Order, were directly responsible for the downfall of their realm of Sha'Dur.

For, in the year AR 237, the Rakshasa betrayed their hated masters and made a pact with Mazur the Destroyer of the Eloysian Empire to conquer Sha'Dur and destroy its capitol city of Garuda.

Rumor has it, that even though the realm of Sha'Dur and its capitol city of Garuda are long gone, the order itself survives to the present day.