Iron Crown Keep

Iron Crown Keep is the royal Citadel of Serathyr and the home of the famed Dragon Throne. It once served as the citadel of the kingdom of Ralas.

This ancient, gargantuan fortress is located on a towering slab of salt-encrusted rock protruding from the Bay of Rastios; the castle is visible far from the shore, and is virtually impregnable.

The castle was originally built for King Athrenar and the Sanborn Dynasty, but has been home to several other royal families in its long history.

From the castle's lofty towers, the Kings of Ralas watched fleets of ships be built and sailed throughout the known world, and ruled their kingdom for many centuries, from within its strong walls.

Within the Great Hall of Iron Crown Keep lies the famed Dragon Throne of Ralas, which is today used by the rulers of Serathyr.

After the War of the Celadon, no Serathian king has ever worn the famous Iron Crown, but the name remains as a testament to the former glory of the lost realm of Ralas. Iron Crown Keep does hold other priceless treasures; namely the three power rings of Serathyr.

Since its construction 3,143 years ago, The Iron Crown Keep has been home to 119 different rulers from tow different nations:

Rulers of the Kingdom of Ralas

Rulers of the Kingdom of Serathyr