Battle of Ironclaw Point

Ironclaw Point was the site of a huge naval battle in the last year of the Second War of the Saltmarsh in 697/6.

At this battle, King Damron Hansafar decisively defeated the Corsairs of Tar Vielca and won a great victory for Serathyr. This battle was actually more of a slaughter, than anything. Damron's forces slaughtered a large Tar Vielcan force on land and trapped much of their fleet offshore. As many as 20,000 corsairs were killed that day, for a loss of only 2,500 Serathian troops.

King Damron then went on to make an alliance with Rennsfar, and amass an even greater fleet. He then sailed that fleet far to the south, to destroy the city of Tar Vielca and end the war.