Battle of Ironclaw Point

(697/6) Ironclaw Point was the site of a epic naval battle which took place during the Second War of the Saltmarsh; it is the largest naval battle ever fought on the Sea of Ralas.

This huge battle was a climactic turning point in the second conflict between the Ralani and the Corsairs of Tar Vielca.

Prior to the battle, King Damron Hansafar of Serathyr had wisely forged alliances with both the Republic of Kendar and the Kingdom of Rennsfar, so as the enemy fleet approached, the combined navies of all three nations were waiting for them.

The naval fighting was fierce, and as many as 1,000 ships were involved. For his death-defying tactics and sheer bravery during the battle, Damron earned the nick-name of "Stormhand."

Under Damron's leadership, the Corsairs of Tar Vielca were decisively defeated. In addition ot sinking or capturing hu ndreds of enemy vessels, allied forces slaughtered a large Tar Vielcan army which had landed onshore. As many as 30,000 corsairs were either killed or drowned on that day, for a loss of only 5,000 allied soldiers

Flush with victory, King Damron then sailed the victorious allied fleet far to the south, and eventually captured the city of Tar Vielca, ending the war.