Irondale is a hotly contested region of the Highlands; located between the Athlan Myr and the Nolar Vaas.

The geographic borders of Irondale are; the Wildlands on the north, Greenwood Forest on the south, the Nolar Vaas on the east, and the Almyron Sea on the west. This region has long served as the border between the nations of Derianor and Elyria.

Irondale consists of two central regions: the Narchion and Perdion Valleys, which are separated by the Iron Hills. The two valleys are each home to hostile Freeholds; Grüenwald and Arkadia. As a result, this region has long been plagued with constant warfare and misery.

The Academë Road runs thru the Irondale along the Iron Hills, on its route between Berevrom's Keep and Athos-Avarel.


Irondale was once a smaal independent nation of the same name; founded by Margrave Oskar Grüen. Even though that nation later splintered into the separate regions of Arkadia and Grüenwald, the name "Irondale" is still used to describe the region.