Castle Ironspike

Huge castle and mile long barrier wall that guards the entrance to the southern foothills of the Hellfire Mountains. High walls and triple steel gates bar any invaders from the Sanjaara Jungle from gaining access to the famed Sky-Valley of Kendar.

Castle Ironspike is the terminus of the Malachite Road, running southwest to the human settlements of Kingfisher Hollow and Caldera.


Castle Ironspike has a long and storied history. When Kendar was founded in the year AR -46, it was a small colony. Soon after, the Kendarum, led by Prince Kendros Rennarë, began expanding thru the Sky-Valley, defeating large tribes of Gnolls Tasloi, and Troglodytes in the region. To protect their newfound gains, the southern entrance to the sky-valley had to be protected. Near the end of his life, Lord Kendros ordered construction of a wooden palisade across the valley. This wooden wall was supplanted about a century later with a stone wall, augmented with magic and the powerful resources of Kendar's mother-Kingdom of Ralas. It was completed none too soon. By AR 250, the first Eloysian scouts reached the region, and began probing Kendar's defenses. Over the next three centuries, there were six major attacks on Castle Ironspike's stone and metal battlements. All of these attacks failed and the battlement held. Finally in the year AR 425, a treaty was reached between Kendar and the Eloysian Empire. The fortress and wall have endured since as testament to Ralani strength and ingenuity.