King Irovar Cyrenäe II

King Irovar Cyrenäe II of Cyrendar was the 32nd monarch of his Dynasty, who was killed during the Great Uprising. His death at the Battle of Vickers caused the Iskari to permanently withdraw from the Highlands.

King Irovar assumed the Onyx Throne in the year 822/4 upon the death of his father, King Idris. During this period, Cyrendar was desperately trying to hold on to the their conquered territories on mainland Corwyn. This struggle for control had led to what the Iskari called the "Occupation," but the Vaas natives called it the "War of Terror."

At the Battle of Vickers, Irovar was slain by Magnus Gildayne; a Vaas rebel who then went on to rule the city of Ilnavar.