Ishani Dhatri

Ishani Dhatri is the High-Priestess of Ashara's temple of Aleyssia.

Ishani was born in Iskandar to an Iskari family, just before the outbreak of the Dark Plague claimed the lives of her parents and thousands of others. During her youth, Ishani's family lived in relative poverty, so it was no surprise that when the disease broke out most of those they knew died from the plague.

Ishani escaped with her brother, managing to join a caravan bound for Ashara, although her brother died from the disease on the long journey east.

The death of her family members and the terror that the disease brought upon them had a lasting effect on Ishani. She was haunted by nightmares of their horrific deaths. Finally settling in Ashara, Ishani decided to dedicate her life to helping the sick, so she joined the Temple of Aleyssia as a young acolyte.

While a young acolyte, Ishani found charging money in exchange for healing to be difficult. She was forced to watch as the suffering poor, who could not afford it, were forced to give up their life’s savings or continue to suffer.

Once she became high priestess, Ishani vowed to change this tradition in Ashara, and has taken steps to do so.