Capital: Wyn Falas (population: 58,000)
Population: 4,243,000 (72% Iskari, 25% Cynarans, 3% other)
Demi-humans: 184,000 (45% dwarves, 40% elves, 15% halflings)
Humanoids: goblins, ogres, giants
Government: Monarchy (currently ruled by the Brevald Dynasty)
Current Leader: King Iskhanar II
Coat of Arms: a black and gray dragon upon a bright red field
Exports: whale oil, pearls, ships, gold, silver, gems

The jewel of the Westvale is its reputation, and its motto is "Always Forward, Never Back". The enormous island-realm of Iskandar is rich with fertile lands, deep mines filled with gold and gems, and large cities where all manner of goods can be acquired. Culturally, the Iskandari people have little in common with other Corwyn folk, for they are separated by great distances, and hear little of the ‘east;’ as the Iskari folk like to call all lands on the eastern side of the Iron Sea.


Iskandar is an island nation; surrounded by four different bodies of water. Iskandar's eastern border is the Iron Coast of the Iron Sea; its western border is the Lost Coast of the Wyn Myr. The Kingdoms's northern border is the rugged coast of the Sea of Vaas; and its southern borders are the towering cliffs overlooking the narrow Iskari Strait.


The current ruler of Iskandar is King Iskhanar II, who is the 19th ruler of the long and distinguished Brevald Dynasty.

King Iskhanar rules the kingdom from the ancient Onyx Throne, located in the Great Hall of the enormous fortress of Erôn-Wyntharë. The Castle is located on a grassy hill in the center of the capitol; Wyn Falas.

Politically, Iskandar is a monarchy, but local and administrative rule is subdivided into 18 Duchies and 79 Baronies, all of which are ruled by powerful Vassal Lords, chosen for their loyalty to the Onyx Throne.

The 18 Duchies of Iskandar: Ashbourne, Barstow, Conredd, Cynara, Everlon, Ghaston, Glendale, Harakon, Hennara, Imeldar, Iskara, Kingsford, Longvale, Namsos, Orisevo, Rhoyden, Vharia, and Westover.


Prominent Baronies: Argonne, Breelow, Calthorp, Dhalhurst, Deroshar, Exeter, Ghaston, Innsbruck, Iskendaron Kelford, Lhorest, Mehia, Modril, Othrolis, Sandpoint, Silverdeep, Stormchapel, Strathmore, Thorsten,

Prominent Noble Families: House Alcandar, House Ashbourne, House Arzadon, House Barth, House Belsey, House Brevald, House Deveran, House Everhart, House Hanover, House Harrow, House Kalivas, House Kessel, House Nekron, House Pentathar, House Redmond, House Robard, House Stavros, House Terici, House Van Arden, and House Velstrom.


Iskandar is a nation of of few major fortifications. This is due to the fact that historically, these lands have never been threatened by a massive invasion. The Isle of Westvale has always been the most tranquil region of Corwyn. Despite this fact, Iskandar has a powerful and well-trained military; this is for national pride, more than defense.

Iskandar has a large standing army of 25,000 well-trained, heavily armed soldiers. But in times of war, the Kingdom can muster well over 125,000 troops, due to large noble contingents. The kingdom maintains several major fortifications; such as Castle Arden, Castle Osprey, Castle Rannick, Castle Redmond, Colfax Keep, Erôn-Khorlöth, and Tall Tree Keep.

As a major sea-power; Iskandar maintains a large navy of 55 ships. Iskandari warships are identifiable by their golden teakwood hulls, white silk sails, and bright red and silver banners.



Most of the realm is made up rolling hills, broad meadows, and grassy, windswept plains. The climate of Iskandar is usually moderate because of its western location, and the warm winds off the oceans give the region comfortable temperatures throughout most of the year. The winters are mild, and only in the peak of summer does the the climate became uncomfortably humid.

The kingdom of Iskandar is a land of gigantic rolling prairies, gentle hills, and small pastoral farming villages. Only along the coast of the Wyn Myr are found great cities, and noble wealth. Iskandar’s climate varies tremendously because of its huge size. In the northern region, the realm is cold most of the year. In the Midlands region near the Thistlewood, the realm is temperate. Whereas further south, in the Plains of Mehia, it is quite warm most of the year. The geography of Iskandar varies also. In the northern regions of the kingdom it is quite hilly, dominated by the huge Crystalpeak Mountains, and tall cliffs overlooking the sea. In the central and southern regions, the realm consists of rolling grasslands, prairies and vast plains, with much fertile farmland and many small forests. Iskandar's culture, power, and wealth is in its large metropolitan centers. The kingdom boasts eight different large cities; Coradan, Cyrenica, Erath, Herronford, Natharos, Scaramon, Tharnia, and Wyn Falas.


Life & Society

Life in Iskandar is simple and quiet, with most folk engaged in either mining or agriculture. For the common folk, the only real contact with people of other realms is made through merchant caravans or traveling troupes of Korghani (gypsies). The exception is along the coasts and large cities, where there is a much more cosmopolitan air. The monarchy in Wyn Falas is benevolent and kind and the people are not overly taxed. There is little trouble, other than occasional raids by marauding bands of goblins, giants, and ogres that dwell in the secluded hills in the northern reaches of the kingdom. Because the kingdom is so large, local barons have much more authority than they do in other western kingdoms, and for most folk, the Onyx Throne in Wyn Falas is only a distant thought.

It is here that men and elves truly live together, unlike anywhere else, for Iskandar is a human realm inherited from the ashes of the Elf-realm of Wyntharë that faded long ago. There are few great castles because no elves needed them, and although elves today are few in number, they are still common enough that humans treat them almost casually. Once long ago, the region was made up of several great factions that slaughtered each other, but those ancient hostilities are so distant that they now exist only in songs and fireside tales. Most people found here are of Iskari descent, but there are strong Cynaran, Vaas and Ralani minorities in the far northern and eastern regions of the country.



Azure Forest: This large woodland region is located in far northern Iskandar, west of the city of Tharnia. It is the smallest of the five great forests of Iskandar. The Lost Coast Road runs through these woods on its route between the cities of Tharnia and Herronford.

Celenë River flows south, down from the Crystalpeak Mountains, before spilling into the Iskari Strait and divides Westvale Island in half.

Crystalpeak Mountains: A huge mountain range in northern Iskandar. The 'Crystalpeaks,' as they are informally known, are the least hospitable and least populated region of the Kingdom.

Cyren Forest: This immense woodland is one of the five great forests in the realm of Iskandar, named for the Cyrenäe family that united these lands thousands of years ago. The forest is located north of the city of Wyn Falas, and stretches west to the Wyn Myr Coast. This was the first woodland to be explored by the Iskari kings of Iskandar, and is heavily populated by human settlements today.


Forbidden Forest: This small woodland region is located in the northeast region of the island of Cynara. The forest is most dangerous because of magical creatures known as basilisks that reside there and often turn hapless travelers to stone. The forest stretches to the coast of the Sea of Vaas, where the Veiled Society fortress of Erôn-Khorlöth is located. The forest is nicknamed the ‘Petrified Forest’ because of the hundreds of stone statues of the hapless victims of the creatures that roam the forest.

Iskari Strait: Narrow waterway which separates Westvale Island from the Isle of Vesarivon.

Ivy Hills: This lightly forested hilly region is located in northern Iskandar, near the Thistlewood. At the western edge of these hills is a marshy region known as Thar’s Glade.

Russet Hills: This large hilly region of Iskandar is located near the Lost Coast, south of the city of Wyn Falas. The hills are largely reddish clay, which gave them the name 'russet.' The Hills are gently sloped and rolling, and many farmers have planted crops in the broad valleys between them.

Tall Forest: This sprawling woodland is one of the five great forest of Iskandar, located directly east of the city of Wyn Falas. The Kingsway runs through these woods on its route between the cities of Wyn Falas and Natharos.


Thar’s Glade: swampy marshland region north of the Thistlewood in northern Iskandar. The Lost Coast Road runs through this treacherous region on its route between the cities of Tharnia and Herronford. On the eastern edge of these marshlands are the Ivy Hills, and on the western edge of the marshlands is the Azure Forest.

Thistlewood: This immense woodland is the largest of the five great forests of Iskandar. The Thistlewood is a dark and mysterious place, where few men dwell except for rangers and druids. Deep inside the wood are rumored to be many ancient elvish ruins from the realm of Ectharë, but they are now covered with the overgrowth of nearly 3,000 years. The woods are named for the many thorn bushes and sharp undergrowth found there. Traveling through these woods can be quite difficult and treacherous. Deep within this forest is Tall Tree Keep.

Vastwood: This thick woodlands is one of five great forests of Iskandar, located in far southern region of the kingdom. The forest is very thick because of its age, and is said to be inhabited by mystical creatures such as fey. The woods are traveled by few men other than elves, rangers, and druids.


Important Sites

Castle Arden: large fortress located in the kingdom of Iskandar, guarding the the crossing of the Kingsway over the River Celenë

Castle Osprey: Royla Citadel of Iskandar, located on a bluff overlooking Wyn Falas. Within the castle is the Onyx Throne.

Castle Redmond: large fortress located in the northern region of the kingdom of Iskandar, first built by the Cynarans.

Colfax Keep: small keep in southern Iskandar, near the city of Herath.

Coradan: (population: 37,000) fourth largest city in the kingdom of Iskandar, located on the Lost Coast south of Wyn Falas. The city is governed by Duke Jamis Hanover

Cyrenica: (population: 41,000) third largest city in Iskandar and former capitol city of the island kingdom of Cynara. Currently governed by Duke Algrim Pentathar.


Erôn-Khorlöth: ‘Castle of the Sea Winds’ (Svt) ancient castle on the northeast coast of the Island of Cynara, currently occupied by the mysterious Veiled Society.

Erath: (population: 33,000) sixth largest city in the kingdom of Iskandar. This city is located at the junction of the Varian and Celenë Rivers. The city is governed by Duke Urnst Kessel.

Herronford: (population: 25,000) seventh largest city in the kingdom of Iskandar. The city is currently governed by Duke Exley Arzadon.

Island of Cynara: once an independent kingdom, the island is now part of Iskandar. The city of Cyrenica and the fortress of Erôn-Khorlöth are located here.

Kingsway: important roadway that runs east across the country from Wyn Falas to Natharos.

Lost Coast Road: popular trade route that runs through northern Iskandar, between the cities of Tharnia and Herronford.

Natharos: (population: 54,000) large thriving seaport and second largest city in Iskandar, located on the Iron Sea's Iron Coast. Natharos is governed by Duke Santagar Harrow.

Onyx Throne: Royal seat of Iskandar, located within the fortress of Castle Osprey.

Scaramon: (population: 18,000) small coastal city on the Wyn Myr, and eighth largest city in Iskandar. The city is governed by Duchess Iliana Stavros.

Tall Tree Keep: located in the Thistlewood, this small fortress is served by many rangers and druids who guard the forest and its creatures. It is also home to Telghar Harrow and the Grey Watchers.

Tharnia: (population: 36,000) fifth largest city in the kingdom of Iskandar, located in the Ivy Hills. The city is currently governed by Duke Imrahil Belsey.

Wyn Falas: ‘Western Landing’ (Svt) (population: 58,000) capitol and largest city of Iskandar. The first and oldest city on Corwyn, Wyn Falas was originally built by the Silvar-Elves, but has been populated and controlled by humans for many centuries. The capital is governed by Duke Idarius Robard.


Local History

Iskandar is an ancient kingdom with a long history stretching back to the late Third Age, when the Elves of Wyntharë abandoned their city of Wyn Falas and left for Eryn Norvë. Soon thereafter, the continent of Corwyn was first discovered by Ilvanos the Explorer.

Discovery of Corwyn

The history of Iskandar first began in the Third Age, on the continent of Ikharos. An Iskari noble and explorer named Ilvanos the Explorer sailed east across the Wyn Myr on an expedition of discovery. He landed on the western Shores of Corwyn in the year 1085/3.

Once there, Ilvanos met and befriended a mysterious wizard named Arcelor. Arcelor showed Ilvanos the abandoned Elvish city of Wyn Falas and the fertile green lands surrounding the empty city. From Arcelor, Ilvanos learned the story of the ancient elves of Wyntharë, and how they had sailed off Corwyn to the continent of Eryn Norvë, never to return.

At this same time, Arcelor also told Ilvanos the prophecy of the "Doom;" a warning that the Iskari Empire on Ikharos would not survive much longer. To Ilvanos, these two extraordinary events had to be linked somehow, and he came to believe the prophecy without any doubt. The two friends sailed back to Iskandar together, to warn Ilvanos' people and prepare their escape.


The Doom of Iskandar

When Ilvanos returned to Ikharos in 1099/3 and told others of Arcelor’s prophecy, many did not believe him. Nevertheless, Ilvanos and his son, Ilnavel began building a great fleet of ships to sail to Corwyn. In the year 1132/3, Ilvanos grew ill and died, but his son continued his work; more determined than ever.

In the year 1137/3 Ilnavel and 40,000 loyal followers left Ikharos forever. Legend has it that, from the deck of his ship, Ilnavel watched the meteor strike the continent; a cataclysmic event that came to be known as Skyfall. He turned to his crew and said "We can never return." Skyfall devastated the entire continent and most of the Iskari people perished.

But the survivors, after a long and terrible sea voyage, landed on Corwyn in the year 1137/3. They were determined to make a new beginning. Ilnavel rallied his followers; saying “Always forward, never back.’


A New Home

After Ilnavel and his followers landed on Corwyn, they quickly asserted themselves, carving out large territories for the Iskari people. The island realm of Cynara was quickly subdued and became part of the fledgling Iskari nation. Within thirty years, Ilnavel had secured control of the entire island known as the Westvale.

The humans of the Iskari race soon colonized the region for themselves, copying many of its elvish customs, architecture, and even some speech. Their new nation stretched from

Forging a New Kingdom

The Fledgling Iskari colonists soon faced deadly challenges. By the year 1175/3, Ilnavel had become quite famous, and was widely respected as the anointed leader of all Iskari peoples on Corwyn. That year Ilnavel was approached by the mysterious and all-powerful Saar to assist in the coming fight against Alokkair; the first Enemy of the West. Even though Alokkair was no direct threat to his own people, Ilnavel wisely agreed to fight.

For his courage and leadership, the Council of Sorcerë granted Ilnavel Foehammer; one of the seven Elanthir swords as an heirloom of the Iskari people. He then sailed far to the east, along with 5,000 of his bravest warriors.

Ilnavel wielded that Elanthir sword against Alokkair's forces and became a great champion of the West in the bloody War of the Elanthir. Ilnavel and his Iskari warriors played a key role in the final defeat and capture of Alokkair at the Battle of Thürdrum. Soon after the defeat of Alokkair, Ilnavel returned to Wyn Falas. He built a great castle there and was soon anointed as the First monarch of Iskandar in the year 19 of the Fourth Age.


A Kingdom Divided

After the defeat of Alokkair, Iskandar remained at peace for many long years. Because the country was not situated along any hostile borders and the dangers of the East always seemed very far away, Iskandari folk had little worry of invasion, other than sporadic pirate raids. The kingdom soon fell into a state of complicity. But Alokkair had not forgotten his foe Ilnavel, nor the fact that the Iskari had helped defeat him. He had escaped his captivity and began plotting against Iskandar.

In the tenth century of the Fourth Age, Alokkair’s agents began to sow dissension and mistrust among the nobility of the great kingdom, and their attempts were largely successful. In 1068/4, King Ilcanar Cyrenäe II was poisoned by Alokkair’s agents and died without an heir, tragically ending the 1,049-year Cyrenäe Dynasty. At this same time, the Cyrenäe family Elanthir was also stolen.

Ilcanar’s death caused the tense noble rivalry to explode into a bloody civil war that cost hundreds of thousands of lives, and lasted twenty years. It was said that the Iskari would be at war with each other until one true warrior could find and wield FOEHAMMER, the Elanthir sword of the Iskari people, and unite them once more.

In 1087/4, a powerful noble named Irenicus Blackburn found the lost Elanthir of the House of Cyrenäe and claimed it for himself. He then fought a series of campaign to defeat all his rivals and claimed the Throne of Iskandar. Afterward, Iskandar went through another long period of peace and prosperity.


Member of the Ravinian Empire

In 310/5, Iskandar formally joined the growing Ravinian Empire, and its prosperity grew throughout the Fifth Age. Sea trade and treasures coming from Dwarf and Elf lands soon made Iskandar wealthy and powerful, and her own ships began sailing west to Greymeet and south to the continent of Azoria, returning with untold exotic treasures from these far away lands.

During the War of the Cataclysm, Iskandar fought bravely with the Ravinian Empire. Her army fought bravely at the Battle of Harkalad in 625/5, and King Inzaril Blackburn III and all four of his sons were slain in that battle. The kingdom was ruled by the Blackburn Dynasty for 835 years, and those times are remembered fondly.

Under the Shalcross Dynasty

After the end of the devastating War of the Cataclysm, turbulent times came to Iskandar. The Blackburn Dynasty was succeeded by King Irithar Shalcross, whose family ruled the kingdom for another 397 years. The Shalcross Dynasty was neither especially popular or just.

Many of the kings and queens of this family were prone to superstition and fantasy, and many had unusually arrogant notions of their own lineage and importance. The Shalcross Dynasty finally ended when King Irovar II abdicated the Onyx Throne and sailed off Corwyn back to Iskandar, never to be seen again. He was succeeded by King Iscar Novaro, whose dynasty ruled Iskandar uneventfully, until the Battle of Krell in 674/6.


The Modern Era

After the War of Crows ended at the Battle of Krell, It took time for the Iskandari people to recover. They lost their beloved King Ilathrin II, who was slain on that battlefield fighting Sorimmar’s legions. The kingdom then came to be ruled by King Istavar Brevald, whose descendants still rule Iskandar today.

The Brevald family has ruled Iskandar for 573 years, and the kingdom has prospered during that time. A dark time for the Brevald Dynasty was the terrible War of the Fallen Crown, which raged between the years 1008 and 1011/6. After the bloody battle of Anley, that conflict came to an end, and finally brought peace to the kingdom.

The only recent troubles have been sporadic goblin raids and trouble in the northern regions of the kingdom, mostly with giant tribes and ogre raiding parties coming out of the Crystalpeak Mountains and making life difficult for the northern Baronies.