Lost Iskari Empire

Long ago, the Continent of Iskandar was home to one of the most culturally advanced, wealthiest, and powerful civilizations ever seen on the world of Oris. The Iskari Empire was vast; at its height, it controlled almost 70 percent of Iskandar, with millions of subjects.

At its height, the empire built fantastic monuments, huge cities, enslaved whole races of Rune-Giants, and held dominion over millions. The symbol of the Empire was the Sihedron. The ancient peoples of the Empire spoke a now-dead language called Iskamaic. Sages and scholars agree that a terrible disaster called Skyfall caused the Iskari Empire to collapse in the year 1137/3, and that its impending doom was foretold by a mysterious wizard named Arcelor.

Almost all the citizens of the empire were lost in that catastrophe, but not all. The last Empress of Iskandar was Azonia, who ruled from the grand imperial capitol city of Khorvis. Her husband, Prince Ilvanos was a famous Iskari explorer, who sailed across the Wyn Myr and discovered the continent of Corwyn. While there, he met a mysterious wizard named Arcelor, who warned him about the coming disaster, which he called the "Doom of Iskandar." Ilvanos returned to Iskandar, and believing Arcelor's warning, told his young son Ilnavel. Together, Ilvanos and Ilnavel built a fleet of over 1,000 ships and Ilnavel set off across the Wyn Myr to find a new home on Corwyn shortly before the terrible meteor struck.

History of the Empire

The Iskari Empire was founded more than 7,000 years ago by Emperor Il-Khazar Caridan. At its height, the Iskari Empire stretched for thousands of miles, encompassing many ancient kingdoms. Once conquered, these realms became mere provinces under the Imperial throne. Little is known of these subjugated kingdoms except for names in ancient texts; the few known are: Corado, Ezdar, Fornaven, Kosidar, Malverne, Rendova, and Terovan.

As the empire grew beyond the bounds of Il-Khazar's ability to control, both militarily and administratively, he divided control of the Empire into seven large districts, each of which controlled a dozen imperial provinces. Il-Khazar also appointed seven powerful arcanists as governors to oversee those districts. These mighty imperial governors were called the Runelords; seven of the most skilled and power-hungry wizards in the Iskari Empire. Working secretly for many years to secure power for themselves, the opportunity to fully escape servitude under Emperor Il’Khazar finally appeared. In the year 452 of First Age of the Empire, Emperor Il-Khazar, in advanced age after ruling the Iskari Empire for more than 400 years, was destroyed, along with most of the Imperial Palace, in a mysterious magical event that had been long-planned by all seven conspiring Runelords.

With the death of Emperor Il-Khazar, the seven Runelords seized the opportunity and quickly subjugated those loyal to him, including his only son; Prince Il-Khezet. The young successor then became nothing more than a puppet emperor. Eventually, each of the seven Runelords grew ever more power-hungry. They began to plot and scheme against each other to become the undisputed ruler of the Iskari Empire. For the remaining millennia of its existence, the Iskari Empire was torn with civil wars and strife as one of more of the Runelords warred with another, and great clashes of armies took place constantly. Over the centuries, the Iskari Empire was also beset with multiple wars with the neighboring realms of Kalinor and Jandelay. These largely fruitless wars were a terrible drain on imperial resources.

The Runelords of the Iskari Empire

Some sages argue that the Runelords forged alliances with dragons and enslaved giants by using secrets of rune and glyph magic stolen from the aboleth in their efforts to increase their own power. With their enslaved giant armies, the wizards of The Iskari Empire built massive tombs, enormous magical constructs, and staggering monuments that survive today, mute testimonies of a mysterious age long past. Legends say each of the seven rulers specialized in a single school of rune magic and possessed a mighty weapon which not only served them in battle, but also became a symbol of their rule. The seven final Runelords and their District capitol cities were:

Alaznist, Runelord of Wrath; ruled city of Arakhan

Belimarius, Runelord of Envy; ruled city of Invidia


Karzoug, Runelord of Greed; ruled city of Shalast

Krune, Runelord of Sloth; ruled city of Orlakan

Sorakan, Runelord of Lust; ruled city of Kharzad

Xanderghul, Runelord of Pride; ruled city of Cyr

Zuthan, Runelord of Gluttony; ruled city of Ghatash

The Runelords' Slumber

As all empires must, The Iskari Empire collapsed in 1137/3. The reason for this fall was Skyfall; a cataclysmic event that destroyed most of the entire continent of Iskandar, the empire and the Runelords along with it.