King Iskhanar Brevald II
Reign: 1208/6–present
Coronation: 27 Thaumont 1208/6
Predecessor: Irovin III
Heir apparent: Prince Ilmethar
Spouse: Queen Elspeth
Issue: Iskara
Issue: Ilnavel
Issue: Ilathrin
Issue: Inara
House: Brevald Dynasty
Father: Irovin III
Born: 33 Fyrmont 1198/6
Religion: Ator

Iskhanar Brevald II is the current monarch of Cyrendar and the Wielder of Foehammer; one of the famed Melanthir swords..

Iskhanar is the nineteenth ruler of the long and distiguished Brevald Dynasty; he assumed the Onyx Throne in 1208/6. Iskhanar has three sons, all of whom are also great warriors. They are, from eldest to youngest; Prince Ilmethar, Prince Ilnavel, and Prince Ilathrin.


"His Royal Highness, King Iskhanar, second of his name, nineteenth patriarch of the House of Brevald, the King of Cyrendar, the ruler of the Westvale, the king of the Iskari, the king of the Cynarans, the inheritor of the divine gift, Scion of the Doom of Iskandar, Master of the Seas Beyond, and rightful defender of the realm."