King Iskhanar Brevald II
Reign: 1208/6–present
Coronation: 27 Thaumont 1208/6
Predecessor: Irovin III
Heir apparent: Prince Ilmethar
Spouse: Queen Elspeth
Issue: Iskara
Issue: Ilnavel
Issue: Ilathrin
Issue: Inara
House: Brevald Dynasty
Father: Irovin III
Born: 33 Fyrmont 1198/6
Religion: Ator

Iskhanar Brevald II is the current monarch of Cyrendar and the Wielder of FOEHAMMER.

Iskhanar is the nineteenth ruler of his line, and assumed the Onyx Throne in 1208/6. Iskhanar has three sons, all of whom are great warriors. They are, from eldest to youngest; Prince Ilmethar, Prince Ilnavel, and Prince Ilathrin.