King Ismelian Alessarë

Ismelian Alessarë was the eighth Elven-king of Ectharë, during the War of Wrath and the father of Talarion Brightstar.

Ismelian’s father; Starion, ruled the Silvar-Elves of Ectharë until he was murdered by Lorynäe Anarivon; beginning the terrible War of Wrath. After Starion’s death, Ismelian swore both to avenge his father and eradicate the rebellion by what he called the "Dark-Elves."

In the year 736/2, King Ismelian led his elvish army against the Dark-Elves at the Battle of Saravôsh, where he was killed, along with his entire army, in an enormous magical explosion set off by the Drow.

Ismelian was succeeded on the Eternal Throne by his son; Talarion Brightstar.