King Istavar Brevald III (Reign: 1009-1011/6 †)

Istavar Brevald was the Crown-Prince of Iskandar in the year 1008/6, when the War of the Fallen Crown began.

When his father; King Ilnavel was slain in 1009/6, He succeeded the Onyx Throne. As King, Istavar soon enlarged the war, ordering coastal raids on both Rennsfar and Elyria, as well as butchering thousands of innocent civilians.

Istavar was slain in the year 1011/6 at the Battle of Anley. His death was a freak accident; while leading a cavalry charge, he was fired upon by his own archers and struck in the back.

King Istavar was the twelfth ruler from his line. He was succeeded by his son; Ithicus.