Isthmus Road

Paved road that runs southeast from the Eldaran seaport of Kingsport to Sathay, then to Castle Greyguard. The road then continues east in close proximity to the Kerak wall to the Gateway Keep, then east again to the small fortress city of Southcliff, and east again to the great seaport of Westfall. The Isthmus Road skirts north of the Kerak for much of its length, then skirts the northern foothills of the Redpeaks farther east.

The road was built by the kingdom of Eldara in the Fourth Age and is completely paved with white stones, for it is a crucially important route for caravans traversing between the seaports of Sathay, Kingsport, and Southcliff and to move troops in time of war with the hated Vilzari. All land based trade between the Wyn Myr, Sea of Ralas, the Vhan Myr, and the Sea of Orel must go along this route or travel by ship all the way south around the continent of Avokhar. Today, the road is heavily guarded and well-maintained by the kingdom of Eldara and is in excellent condition.