Itharils (Seeing-Stones)

The Itharils; commonly known as "Seeing-Stones," were twelve magical artifacts were created long ago by the Council of Sorcerë.

The purpose of these stones was to allow distant kings to communicate with each other instantly. Much could be seen and learned in the stones, and all were given to leaders of realms on Corwyn. Two were given to the elves; for Melinarë and Thekarë, three were given to the dwarves; for Kharos-Thûngol, Orrek, and Kronar, and seven were given to men; for Alveron, Amar, Cyrendar, Eldara, Ralas, Rhodara, and Thalar. Over the centuries, five of the Seeing-Stones were lost or captured during times of war and upheaval; those of Thalar in 825/4, Kronar in 1079/4, Thekarë in 1233/4, Rhodara in 1289/4, and Alveron in 625/5. The seven remaining Itharils reside in the dwarf-realms of Kharos-Thûngol and Orrek, the Elf-realm of Melinarë, and the human kingdoms of Ammarind, Cyrendar, Eldara, and Serathyr.