The Jade Ravens

Based out of Sasserine; the Jade Ravens are a small mercenary group, comprised of local adventurers. The group is well-known around Sasserine for their abilities.

Most recently, the Jade Ravens came into the employ of the Vanderboren noble family.

Rather than having a static leadership that oversees the group, the Jade Ravens were more of a name given to whatever adventurers happened to be in it at the time.

Generally the Jade Ravens would train and vet a replacement when they graduate out of the group and move on to bigger or better things, making the Jade Ravens a definitively inexperienced group, at any given time comprised only of adventurers who have cut their teeth but not yet moved on to their own grand adventures.

However, under the leadership of Tolin, the current generation of Ravens may be the last; no proteges have been tapped for any of the four current members. It seems as though the Jade Ravens may be coming to a close as an institution.

The current members of the Jade Ravens are: