(population: 18,000) Janos-Mol is an ancient, fortified city originally built by the Silvar-Elves in the Second Age formerly called Aramis.

The former elvish fortress was expanded by the Thannish people into a major city during the Fourth Age, after which it became part of the kingdom of Eldara. Now, it is part of the kingdom of Orel.

The fortress-city is located on the far western border of Orel, athe base of Skidmore Pass; a treacherous mountainous passage going thru the Forlorn Mountains. The fortified city is only a few miles east of the Melinar Forest, and is accessible from the west via the Forest Road, which connects it to the elvish city of Astrakan. Janos-Mol is also accessible from the east via the Oramar Road, which connects it to the four major coastal seaports of Orel.

The city of Janos-Mol is currently governed by Grand Duchess Hermione Carswell.