(population: 18,000) Janos-Mol is an ancient, fortified city originally built by the Silvar-Elves in the Second Age, its is now populated by the Thann and is part of the Kingdom of Orel.

Formerly called Aramis, this former elvish fortress was expanded by the Thannish people into a major city during the Fourth Age, after which it became part of the kingdom of Eldara. However, Eldara lost this territory as a result of the Second Eldaran Civil War. Today, Janos-Mol is an essential western gateway to the the kingdom of Orel.

The fortress-city is located on the far western border of Orel, at the base of Skidmore Pass; a treacherous mountainous passage going thru the Forlorn Mountains. The fortified city is only a few miles east of the Melinar Forest, and is accessible from the west via the Forest Road, which connects it to the elvish city of Astrakan. Janos-Mol is also accessible from the east via the Oramar Road, which connects it to the four major coastal seaports of Orel.

The city of Janos-Mol is currently governed by Grand Duchess Hermione Carswell.