Lost City of Jareesh

Jareesh was once a magnificent city which served as the capital of Kerathos. It was besieged and later destroyed by the Eldarans in their bloody campaign to conquer the Kratheri Peninsula

Jareesh was the capital of the ancient Kratheri kingdom of Kerathos; which controlled the peninsula when the Thannish invaders arrived from across the sea.

In 203/4, the city was finally captured after a bloody, eight-year siege. The Thannish then destroyed the city and massacred its entire population.

Following that tragedy, the other great cities of Jareesh soon opened their gates to the invading Thûlians. Unlike the cities of Jharë and Jhovar, Jareesh would not bend the knee and paid the ultimate price.

Its ruins still exist today as a testament to Thûlian cruelty. Although the Kingdom of Kerathos successfully resisted the southern expansion of the Xholar Empire into the peninsula, it was already in sharp decline when the Eldaran colonists arrived from across the Sea of Orel in 179/4.