Jelenneth ("Jena")

Jelenneth was once an apprentice to the wizard Rikard. Originally a resident of Milborne, where she had lived with her father, Haldelar. When she had first disappeared, Haldelar had thought she may have been summoned by Rikard and had to leave for Thurmaster in a hurry. Further investigation seems to point to her abduction in connection with a series of similar abductions of magic users in the area.

Haldelar showed the party a miniature portrait she gave him which revealed an attractive young woman with long black hair and green eyes. He added that she is 20 years old, 5’ 4”, and of slim build, and is dating Andren; a young man in the Village of Milborne. She usually wears a distinctive rich blue cloak with silver clasps at the neck. She also wears a small silver signet ring that he gave her; it has a ”J” engraved on the inside

Although there is far more going on, and many other reasons that the party took up this quest, Jelenneth has become the focus, particularly for the party's mage, Erique.

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