Jeteeri; The Insatiable Pharaoh

Jeteeri was a ruthless Imperial Pharaoh of Shorafa, who, in the year 299/2, assassinated his predecessor An-Khemet, and stole the Scarab Throne for himself.

During his brutal reign, Jeteeri began the offensive practice of plundering the tombs of previous Pharaohs to enrich himself. Although his advisers begged him not to do so, he also burned the mummified corpses of several deceased rulers in strange ceremonies.

Legend has it, the spirits of the long-dead Pharaohs were angered by this sacrilege and avenged themselves upon Jeteeri. In the year 335/2 his mangled corpse was found, tied to the great Obelisk in the center of An-Khara, as a warning to future Pharaohs not to disturb the dead.

Jeteeri was succeeded by his eldest son; Azdari the, so-called, "Cautious Pharaoh."