Jhoros Delavan

Duke Jhoros Delavan is a powerful Thannish aristocrat who currently rules the Gwynnish city of Ashara.

It is said that Lord Delavan is no one's fool. Joran is known for his quiet demeanor, his icy glare, and his steely resolve.

A master of both Gwynnish and Asharan politics, Lord Renfro sees much and says little.

He keeps himself well informed as to the secrets and weaknesses of all other Gwynnish noble families.

Jhoros also possesses the famous "Iron Will" his family has long been known for; a ruthless resolve and ambition, that makes him greatly feared among his fellow nobles. He rarely smiles, and is said to love no one, except himself. When he was a young man, Jhoros fell in love with a woman who betrayed him and humiliated him at court.

He never forgot that humiliation and, ever since, has lived his life as a stern, serious, and cautious man.

Jhoros is currently married, but the union is loveless. His wife and children live in a family estate in the distant countryside; not in the Ducal Palace in Ashara.

This is by design, not happenstance; for Lord Delavan wants no distractions.

As the Lord of Ashara, Joran wields enormous power, wealth, and influence; he deftly uses all three to further his own power and ambition.

Jhoros is considered a dangerous rival of the new Queen; Ileosa.

House Delavan

The Delavan family is ancient and prestigious; hailing all the way back to the founding of the nation of Gwynne. Lord Markos Delavan; the first patriarch of the family, was a loyal vassal of King Gavin Gwynnett; who ably assisted him in rebuilding the former nation of Rhodara out of the ashes from the disastrous War of Annexation, and building the new nation of Gwynne.

The famous "Iron Will" of the Delavan family was demonstrated by Lord Markos; who wasted away for over ten years in the dungeons of Castle Manticore, after offending the "Mad-King," before he was released by King Gavin.