Jzadirune; commonly known as "the Malachite Fortress," is a long abandoned set of underground passages located deep below the city of Caldera.

4,000 years ago, the ancient Halls of Jzadirune were built by the Dwarves, who were also working simultaneously for the Shadurians to construct the magnificent malachite walls of Nas'Krii; the ancient settlement that preceded the present-day city of Caldera. The Halls were aptly named for Jzadirune; a talented stone-mason and the brilliant and charismatic leader of the dwarven "Splintershield" Clan

At the time of its construction, Jzadirune served two important purposes. First it became a well-built underground lair for the dwarves, and second it served as the entrance to deep mines where malachite and other precious ores could be easily mined by the dwarves.


The Vanishing

Legend has it; the dwarves later abandoned their underground lair because they believed it to be somehow cursed. Within a few short years, the entire dwarven population simply left. In fact, the abandonment of Jzadirune happened so quickly, that in local dwarven lore, this event is called "the Vanishing."

Although the dwarves long ago sealed off all the main passages between Jzadirune and Caldera, it is rumored a few, secret entrances still exist which connect the city to the dwarven mines below, via a series of Lava tubes.