Lost Realm of Kalinor

Kalinor was a powerful human kingdom that once existed on the continent of Iskandar thousands of years ago.

Kalinor is most well-remembered as the historic rival to the Iskari Empire.

For centuries the armies of Kalinor clashed with the imperial forces of the Iskari Empire, but neither side was ever able to gain a decisive advantage over each other.

In fact the vast leagues between the two great powers were known as the "Disputed Lands." Very little is known about the culture or peoples of Kalinor as all known records have been lost to history.

The only known cities of Kalinor were its capital; Orv and the city of Sharonis.

Ironically, the realm of Kalinor was destroyed, along with the Iskari Empire, in the year 1137/3 during the events of Skyfall.