Home Plane: The Abyss
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Domains: Death, Destruction, Evil, Madness, War
Portfolio: Hatred, Malice, Wrath, Murder
Worshippers: soldiers, warriors, barbarians
Symbol: Gem
Karaash is Corwyn’s Dark God of Hatred and Malice.

Karaash is the son of Kagyar; the God of Decay, and the brother of Tarastia; the Goddess of Vengeance, and the father of Akhmahra; God of War. Karaash is the master of all hatred in the world. As such, he is the Patron-Deity of anger, rage, fury, and madness.

His symbol is a fiery burning heart-shaped Gem, which represents the burning emotion of hatred and the fiery response in evokes. Karaash’s followers erect few temples and are banned throughout the West for their murderous ceremonies and practices.

Karaash's followers wear bright red robes to represent the burning flame of hate. The only known temple to Karaash is located in the city of Sarkosa. The most devout of his followers are the much feared Crimson Brotherhood. As a sign of his evil nature; Karaash raped an innocent human maiden to create his final progeny named Akhmahra and then murdered the innocent woman after the birth. Karaash’s chief rival is the lawful Goddess Nyjev.