Freehold of Kargold

Capitol: Andreth (population: 8,000)
Population: 54,000 (65% Vaas, 21% Amari, 11% Aeryn, 3% other)
Demi-humans: 7,000 (58% dwarves, 25% elves, 6% halflings, 11% gnomes)
Humanoids: few
Government: Freehold
Current Leader: Viscount Alistair Kargold. (NG 5th level fighter\4th level rogue\2nd level aristocrat)
Coat of Arms: a large black boar on a dark gold field
Imports: vegetables, grain, crafts
Exports: gold, iron, stone, livestock

Kargold is a large independent freehold loyal to the kingdom of Cyrendar. The freehold was granted to the Kargold family nearly four hundred years ago in return for patrolling and keeping order in the far northern expanses of the region, which the royal court in Wyn Falas was neither capable of, nor interested in doing. The freeholders take a dim view of the Wildfolk, and most other outsiders for that matter, but they are fiercely loyal to the Cyrendari crown in Wyn Falas. The main territory of Kargold is located on the eastern edge of the Thistlewood near the border between Cyrendar and Derianor.