Home Plane: Athylon
Alignment: Neutral Good
Domains: Air, Animal, Healing, Plant, Water
Portfolio: Harvest, Bounty, Nature
Worshipers Druids, Farmers
Symbol: Staff
Karmalok is Corwyn’s God of Nature and Animals.

Karmalok is the son of Enom; the God of Life, the brother of Ator; God of Light, and the father of Nyjev; the Goddess of Love, and Isilahr; the Goddess of Mercy. Karmalok is the master of all that is wild in the world. As such, he is also the Patron-Deity of bounty, agriculture, the harvest, all plants and animals, and the woodlands.

His symbol is a great oaken Staff, made from the first tree planted in the world of Corwyn. Karmalok is a protective God and his followers can be a dangerous foe to any force that would harm nature or innocent beasts. His followers wear dark green robes to represent the lush forest realm of their master, and are usually rural priests, druids, and rangers.

Karmalok’s followers erect few temples as they prefer the natural order, but usually worship in open groves or stone circles, deep within forests or the wilderness. His largest temple is located in the city of Elsareth on the Avenue of Deities. Karmalok’s chief rival is the chaotic God Kagyar.