Karthic Wars

Karthic Wars were a series of four major conflicts spread throughout a period of nearly 200 years, fought between the Kingdom of Cyrendar and a series of Vaas strongholds. The strongest of these was the city-state of Karthis; which was eventually conquered by the Iskari and re-named Ilnavar.

The most important Iskari victory in these wars was the capture of the city of Karthis in the year 597/4; afterward, the city was re-named "Ilnavar" by the Iskari conquerors.

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City-State in the Fourth Age, ruled by 2 important kings: Ethelred and Amalric; both from the House of Madrigal the Castellan Wars

Rilsav, Rowan, Galtaine, Ezro, Novaro, Reese, Manzero, Madrigal, Brevoy

Battles: Crecy, Mudd River, Anders Crossing, Chandros, Ravenna,