Lost Kingdom of Karthis

Karthis was a great Vaas City-State that once controlled much of present day Elyria; it was eventually conquered by the Iskari in 597/4 and re-named Ilnavar

Karthis was founded by the Varda, one of the nine Vaas clans. Under the leadership of the House of Madrigal, the city grew in both size and influence until it controlled much of present-day Elyria.

The people of Karthis were arrogant and proud, as were their rulers. This pride, combined with reckless behavior on the part of their leaders, ultimately caused the city to fall to the Iskari.

In the year 587/4, the city was captured by the Iskari King Ilnavel IV. The fall of Karthis marked at the climactic end of the Karthic Wars, and the beginning of the infamous "War of Terror." Shortly after its capture, the Iskari renamed the city "Ilnavar," to assert their superiority over its Vaas citizens. The city still carries that name today.

During its heyday, the City-State was ruled by several important kings: Ethelred, Edmure, and Amalric; all hailing from the House of Madrigal.

Battles: Crecy, Mudd River, Anders Crossing