The Kashardi

Commonly known as "Dust Barbarians," the Kashardi are one of the oldest human ethnic groups on Corwyn.

The Kashardi dwell throughout the Valley of Lost Cities, and the foothills of both the Redpeaks and the Agatite Mountains.

These people keep mostly to themselves and and prefer isolated communities.

The Kashardi have a deep hatred for the Vilzari, because the desert nomads frequently raid their villages for fresh slaves or plunder.

Over the centuries, the Kashardi have developed their own distinct language, customs, and tribal structures. They have remained friendly with a few scattered dwarvish settlements of the mountains, but do not usually desire contact with others.

In their appearance, the Kashardi are similar to the Thann, although their culture, traditions, and speech are entirely distinct from the people of neighboring Eldara.

The Kashardi are most famous for their love of beasts; every tribe has many tamed wild animals which serve as pets and guardians. These beasts include, tigers, panthers, and wild boars.


In the early years of the Second Age, the Kashardi people founded a number of cities in the region known today as the "Valley of Lost Cities." The largest and most famous of these cities was Zangaro; a magnificent city which became the capital of the "Sultanate of Kashar," a regional power consisting of seven cities.

Legend has it; Zangaro was the wealthiest city of the ancient world, and its streets were literally paved with gold. Under a famous leader named Khem, the Kashardi expanded from Zangaro to control the entire region. They built several more cities, all of which came under control of the Sultan of Kashar. These cities became Satrapies of the Sultan, and included; Arad, Eshkar, Khadam, Khös, Sorna, and Tekrit.

It remains unclear what exactly caused the ancient Kashardi civilization in the valley to collapse. Zangaro was overcome by some mysterious disaster, while several other Kashardi cities were conquered by the expanding Empire of Shorafa.

After the collapse of their cities, the Kashardi reverted to barbarism and have remained in that state until the present day.

Role in the Second Vilzari War

The Kashardi played a pivotal role in the Second Vilzari War, when they became allies with the Ravinian Empire.

Kashardi warriors helped imperial forces hold many secure passages in the Agatite Mountains, and scored many crucial victories against the armies of Vilzar.

After the conflict, a deep bond developed between Empress Ravinia and the Kashardi peoples, which endured until the Cataclysm.