(population: 21,000) Kelburn is the fourth largest city in Alveron, located northwest of Alenthas at the junction of two great branches of the Amador River.

The city of Kelburn's location along the border with Ammarind means that its population is mixed Rynnish, made up of the Amari and Amador ethnicities.

Because of its accessibility via land and the two waterways, Kelburn has long been a vibrant commerce center, trading heavily with Alenthas to its southeast, and the kingdom of Ammarind to the north.

The city is protected by the fortress of Kelburn Keep. Kelburn's walls are high up on a hill overlooking the two rivers. But in the rainy season; the waters rise substantially, leaving the only city access via boat through its famous "water-gate."

Sometimes the waters come right up the base of the city walls, which have been magically enchanted by the Veiled Society to prevent flooding. This phenomenon has given Kelburn its nickname of the "Island City"

Kelburn is the junction three important roads:

The city of Kelburn is currently governed by Duke Calen Northorn.