Keltar Islaran

The harbourmaster of the city of Sasserine; Keltar Islaran is currently the Lord of Islaran Manor and the representative for the Azure District (Harbor District) on the Dawn Council. Lord Islaran is an influential nobleman in the city, in charge of the city's defenses.

For the last twenty-five years, Keltar has harbored a strong grudge against Kendar; ever since a villainous Kendari nobleman carried off his daughter Kellara and forced her to become his wife. Keltar's only son Delario then foolishly pursued that noble to the Kendari city of Shard. Neither of his children were ever heard from again; leaving their father angry and bitter.

During the Uprising in 1227/6, Islaran was approached by the rebels and was easily persuaded to help overthrow Kendarum rule. It is rumored that during the Uprising, Keltar personally assassinated the Last Kendari Governor; Diego Montravon. Such topics are never brought up openly, of course.