King Kelthorn Serati

Kelthorn Serati was the nephew of King Durendil Serati II of Ralas. He fought on the loyalist side during the War of the Celadon and, after the break-up of Ralas, became the first king of the new nation of Serathyr.

When King Durendil II was slain by Lord Alaron Baranthyr and his army routed at the Battle of Edgecliffe, Ralas was forced to grant independence to the Island of Renthara which became the kingdom of Rennsfar.

Kelthorn was present at the Battle of Edgecliffe and fought bravely. When the tide turned against the loyalist forces; Kelthorn, along with thousands of others, was forced to jump from the cliffs of Renthara to avoid death or capture. Kelthorn was lucky enough to survive, unlike most of his troops.

In the year 553/6, Kelthorn united the remaining Ralani mainland nobility under his banner, formed the new Kingdom of Serathyr, and assumed the Dragon Throne. Many sages say he was a far better king than his predecessor; whose arrogance and lack of restraint over his son Drexel caused the war of independence to begin. King Kelthorn was the first monarch of the Serati Dynasty.

King Kelthorn ruled for many years and had many great adventures. His most famous was the acquisition of three magic rings, the wearers of which could command the three elements of lightning, fire, and wind. The three rings became his royal sigil and upon his death, were passed to his three sons: KERTH, SARIS, and VALDEN.