Republic of Kendar

Capitol: Kendar City (population: 85,000)
Total Population: 575,000 (40% Eloysians, 55% Ralani, 4% Vilzari, 1% other)
Demi-humans: 25,000 (25% dwarves, 15% elves, 20% halflings, 40% gnomes)
Humanoids: few
Government: representative Republic (Five Sky-Lords, appointed by the Kendarum)
Current Leader: First Sky-Lord Xander Syralax
Coat of Arms: red dragon upon a black field, outlined in dark red
Imports: grain, vegetables, livestock, trade goods
Exports: weapons, gems, gold, silver, fish, trade goods, crafts, magic items.

Kendar is the most powerful and influential nation on the continent of Avokhar. Kendar is geographically small; most of its territory is comprised of a high plateau surrounded by the Hellfire Mountains, called the Sky-Valley. Its western border is the Wild Coast of Avokhar and its eastern border is the vast, Sanjaara Jungle. Kendar's northern borders are the tall Hellfire Mountains, which separate the republic from the Sea of Sand and the hostile realm of Vilzar. Its southern border is the Rockdale region of Avokhar; an area of farmlands, also surrounded by the Sanjaara Jungle.

Kendar is made up of five distinct cities, each higher in elevation, nestled in a series of mountain-top valleys, spread throughout the famous Sky-Valley. The lowest city, Shard is located on the Wild Coast, on secluded Overlook Bay. This bay is ringed by the impassable walls of towering rock and the huge Al-Handra Falls. Because of its forbidding geography, and limited entrances, Kendar has never been conquered by any foe, neither Vilzari nor Eloysian. Shard is the gateway to Kendar and its Sky-Valley, and is the largest of the five Kendari cities. Its massive harbor is among the busiest in the world of Oris; containing hundreds of vessels from Corwyn, Za'har, and the Seven Cities of Brass.

Kendar is unique on Avokhar in its representative form of government. The nation is a republic, ruled by an all-powerful 250-member body of noble-merchants called the Kendarum. The Kendarum passes all national laws and treaties on behalf of Kendar, and most importantly, appoints the five Sky-Lords who serve as the executive rulers of the Kendari people.

Because of its wealth and position, Kendar is a great military power, with an army of heavily armed, professional soldiers that guard its borders and a large and capable navy that patrols the shipping lanes of the Shining Sea. For its defense, the republic has a small but highly trained army of about 8,000 soldiers; but can call up more than 35,000 in case of war. The republic also maintains a very powerful navy of 70 warships to protect the sea-lanes of the Wyn Myr and Shining Sea. Its main naval bases are Shard and Stonehaven.


There are only three entrances into the famed Sky-Valley of Kendar, from the north, the south, and the sea. The only northern route into the Sky-Valley of Kendar is through a narrow mountain passage in the Hellfire Mountains, at the southern edge of the Sea of Sand. This passage is guarded by the Kendari fortress of Castle Defiant; whose powerful walls and gates guard the realm from Vilzari invaders from the north. The only southern entrance to Kendar is another passage thought he Hellfire muontains at the northern tip of the Rockdale region. This entrance is guarded by the Kendari fortress of Castle Ironspike; which also has high walls and gates to protect Kendar from any invasion from the Sanjaara Jungle, located to the south. The Third entrance is by sea. The only method of entry is though the heavily guarded Overlook Harbor at the fortress City of Shard.



Kendar is a wealthy realm, making profit on its location astride the only western overland trade route between the Vilzari to the north and the Eloysians of the Sanjaara Jungle to the south, as well as an important way-station and port of call for ships traversing between Avokhar and Corwyn. The people of Kendar are known as the Kendari, and their mercantile skills and craftsmanship are well known throughout Avokhar and southern Corwyn. The Kendari have a reputation as great bankers, merchants, and traders.


Al-Handra Falls


Castle Defiant

Castle Ironspkie



Kendar City

Lake of Glass

Overlook Harbor




As Kendar grew in size and power, it expanded south. Its main trade route with the Seven Cities of Brass took its merchant fleet dangerously close to Narrow Isle and the pirates of Tar Vielca. In response, the Kendari built a great fortress on the far southern coast of Avokhar called Stonehaven; which became a crucial naval base for the Kendari Navy and a safe port of call for merchants ships traveling to and fro. The Kendari have even devised a system to safeguard merchant convoys with their ships, for a hefty fee.

The population of Kendar is made up of Ralani peoples, but with a strong minority of Eloysians. These Ralani folk are the descendants of the original colonists who sailed from the kingdom of Ralas with King Axilar Rennarë when he founded the colony of Kendar in 359/4 (AR -64). For many hundreds of years, Kendar was a important southern colony for Ralas, and an crucial port of call for cargo ships passing between Rastios and Eloysian ports all over the continent of Avokhar. Because of this importance, the city grew ever larger and wealthier. Eventually, Kendar-City assumed control over all four other smaller cities; Highspire, Axilon, Shard and Dragonloft. With that the city-state became a mini-realm all its own, and one of the most powerful and wealthiest on Avokhar. When the Kingdom of Ralas was shattered by a civil war beginning in 553/6, Kendar broke away and declared its independence. The city has remained a regional power ever since. Over the centuries, the local Eloysians gradually became the majority of the region’s population. The current rulers of Kendar are five Sky-Lords, who rule the five cities collectively. But Kendar is a republic and the Sky-Lords are appointed by the all-powerful Kendarum; a representative body of Merchant-nobility.