Republic of Kendar

Capital: Kendar City (population: 85,000)
Total Population: 575,000 (40% Eloysians, 55% Ralani, 4% Thann, 1% other)
Demi-humans: 25,000 (25% dwarves, 15% elves, 40% halflings, 20% gnomes)
Humanoids: few
Government: Elected Republic
Current Rulers: five Sky-Lords, appointed by the Kendarum
Coat of Arms: red dragon upon a black field, outlined in dark red
Imports: grain, vegetables, livestock, trade goods
Exports: weapons, gems, gold, silver, fish, trade goods, crafts, magic items.

The Republic of Kendar is the most powerful and influential nation on the continent of Azoria.

Kendar is made up of five distinct cities, each higher in elevation, nestled in a series of mountain-top valleys, spread throughout the famous Sky-Valley. The lowest city, Shard is located along the Wild Coast, on secluded Overlook Bay.

This bay is ringed by impassable walls of towering rock and the huge Al-Handra Falls. Because of its forbidding geography, and limited entrances, the Republic has never been conquered by any foe.

Shard is the gateway to Kendar and its Sky-Valley, and is the largest of the five Kendari cities. Its massive harbor is among the busiest in the world of Oris; containing hundreds of vessels from Corwyn, Za'har, and the Seven Cities of Bronze.


Kendar is geographically small; most of its territory is comprised of the famous "Sky-Valley," a high plateau surrounded by the Hellfire Mountains. Its western border is the Wild Coast of Azoria and its eastern border is the vast Sanjaara Jungle.

Kendar's northern borders are the tall Hellfire Mountains, which separate the republic from the Sea of Sand and the hostile realm of Vilzar. Its southern border is the Rockdale region of Azoria; an area of farmlands, also surrounded by the Sanjaara Jungle.



Kendar is unique on Azoria because of its representative form of government. The Republic is ruled by an all-powerful 250-member body of noble-merchants called the Kendarum.

The Kendarum passes all national laws and treaties on behalf of the Republic. Most importantly, the body appoints the five Sky-Lords who serve as the executive rulers of the Kendari people, and control its five largest cities.


Kendar is a nation of few major fortifications. This is due to the fact that the entire nation is enclosed within natural barriers that prevent enemy invasion.

To garrison the few entrances to the Sky-Valley, Kendar maintains a small standing army of 7,000 well-trained soldiers.

But in times of war, the Kingdom can muster well over 30,000 troops, due to large noble contingents.

Because of its unique location, Kendar has only two major fortifications; Castle Ironspike and Castle Defiant.

Kendar's true strength lies in its large and capable navy. As a sea-faring nation; Kendar maintains a large and powerful fleet of 70 warships. Its main naval bases are Shard and Stonehaven.

Kendari warships are identifiable by the fierce dragons carved on their prows, their black hulls, and their bright red banners.

Over the centuries, her fleets have fought off Vilzari raiders and Tar Vielcan Corsairs. At sea, Kendar dominates the Shining Sea and the southern hemisphere of Oris.



Most of the realm is made up stark cliffs, massive mountains, and deep valleys. The climate of Kendar is usually quite cool because of its elevation, but the warm winds off the Shining Sea, give its people a respite from the cold and clammy climate of the tall mountains.

The Sky-Valley

There are only three entrances into the famed Sky-Valley of Kendar, from the north, the south, and the sea.

The only northern route is through a narrow mountain passage in the Hellfire Mountains, at the southern edge of the Sea of Sand.

This passage is guarded by the Kendari fortress of Castle Defiant; whose powerful walls and gates guard the realm from Vilzari invaders from the north.

The only southern entrance into the valley is another passage through the Hellfire Mountains at the northern tip of the Rockdale region.

This entrance is guarded by the fortress of Castle Ironspike; which also has high walls and gates to protect Kendar from any invasion from the Sanjaara Jungle, located to the south.

The Third and most popular entry way into the Republic is via the Shining Sea, but visiting ships can only enter though Shard's heavily fortified Overlook Harbor.


Life & Society

Kendar is a wealthy realm, making profit on its location astride the only western overland trade route between the Vilzari to the north and the Eloysians of the Sanjaara Jungle to the south

The nation is also an important way-station and port of call for ships traversing between Azoria and Corwyn.

The people of Kendar are known as the Kendari, and their mercantile skills and craftsmanship are known throughout the known world.

The Kendari also have a reputation as great bankers, merchants, and traders.

Important Sites

Al-Handra Falls: Enormous cliff-side waterfall, located near the city of Shard on Overlook Harbor.

Axilon: (pop: 22,000) One of the five city-states of Kendar. Unlike the other Kendari cities, Axilon is not located atop one of the secluded mountain-top valleys of the Hellfire Mountains, but rather on a large island on the Lake of Glass. It is currently ruled by Veronia Corado.


Castle Defiant: Huge castle and mile long barrier wall located northern foothills of the Hellfire Mountains, which guards the only northern entrance to the Sky-Valley.

Castle Greenrock: Large seaside fortress, located along the Wild Coast, which serves as a important supply stop for Kendari ships

Castle Ironspike: Huge castle and mile long barrier wall located in the southern foothills of the Hellfire Mountains, which guards the southern entrance to the Sky-Valley. It is the terminus of the Malachite Road.

Dragonsbluff: (pop: 8,700) Highest of the five city-states, located in one of the secluded mountain-top valleys of the Hellfire Mountains. It is currently ruled by Malthus DeKaro.

Highspire: (pop: 35,000) One of the five city-states of the Republic, located in one of the secluded mountain-top valleys of the Hellfire Mountains. It is currently ruled by Aricela DeKoven.

Kendar City: (pop: 85,000) largest of the five city-states of the Republic, located in one of the secluded mountain-top valleys of the Hellfire Mountains, at the northern edge of the Lake of Glass. Kendar city serves as capital of the republic and is also home to the Kendarum. It is currently ruled by Xander Andradi.

Lake of Glass: Very large freshwater lake in northern Azoria, located in the famed Sky-Valley. The large cities of Axilon and Kendar City are located on its shores. The Lake flows into the Kendar River, which then flows rapidly downhill to the the great cliff-side Al-Handra Falls.

Overlook Harbor: This heavily fortifier harbor is actually a cleft in the towering cliffs of the Wild Coast, which serve as the entrance to the city of Shard.

Port Blackwell: (pop: 2,200) Important Kendari colony, located along the Wild Coast, which serves as a important supply stop for passing merchant vessels. It is currently ruled by Juliana Terwall.

Shard: (pop: 78,000) Heavily fortified seaport, located at the the only water entrance to the Sky-Valley. It is currently ruled by Anaster Falconi.

Sky-Valley: Legendary hidden valley of Kendar, located deep within the Hellfire Mountains. The valley is home to the Kendari cities of Axilon, Dragonloft, Highspire and Kendar City.

Stonehaven: (pop: 9,000) large fortified city, located along the southernmost stretch of the Wild Coast. This city serves as a crucial naval base, and is currently ruled by Arthos Mastrovani.


Local History

The origins of what would someday become the Republic of Kendar first began in the year 359 of the Fourth Age. That year, an expedition led by King Axilar Sanborn of Ralas arrived here and his ships sailed through the cleft in the great white cliffs into what is now called Overlook Bay.

That same year, Axilar founded a settlement onshore called "Overlook," and left his young son Kendros in charge of the new colony while he and his fleet continued their journey south around the Cape of Black Ice to visit the legendary Seven Cities of Bronze.

For the next thirty years, the Ralani colonists; now led by Prince Kendros, slaughtered the local Olman inhabitants, and fought savage tribes of Tasloi and Gnolls to carve out their new civilization in the Sky-Valley.

After the valley was securely under his control, Kendros ordered many skilled Ralani engineers and architects to sail south from Rastios, to begin building a series of fortifications that would enclose the valley and keeps its meager colonial population safe from invasion.

This turned out to be a brilliant decision, for less than a century later, the fortifications of Ironspike built across the southern entrance to the sky-valley, and Castle Defiant built across the north entrance, would be assailed by numerous foes.

With her borders secured, the Colony of Kendar began to grow and prosper. The colony became fabulously wealthy as a stop on the trade routes between the Kingdom of Ralas and the Seven City-states spread along the Bronze Coast.

Soon, the small settlement of Overlook became a huge city called Shard, and soon after, four other cities sprang up in the Sky-Valley: Axilon, Dragonsbluff, Highspire, and the new capitol; Kendar City.

As Kendar grew in size and power, it expanded south. Its main trade routes with the Seven Cities of Bronze took its merchant fleets dangerously close to Narrow Isle and the Corsairs of Tar Vielca.

In response, the Kendari built a great fortress on the far southern shores of Azoria called Stonehaven; which became a crucial naval base for the Kendari Navy and a safe port of call for merchants ships traveling to and fro.

When the Kingdom of Ralas was shattered by a civil war beginning in the year 553/6, Kendar officially declared its independence. The city has remained a regional power ever since.

Over the centuries, Eloysians have gradually become a significant ethnic minority of the Republic's population.