Baroness Kendra Deveran

Kendra Deveran is an Iskari noble-woman, who currently serves as the ruler of Sandpoint.

Baroness Deveran appears as an attractive, red-haired, and middle-aged aristocrat.

She took over ruler-ship when her father, Amos Deveran died five years ago. Her younger brother, Gavin runs both the family brewery and shipbuilding enterprises.

Deveran is considered a fair and popular ruler. Her family, too, has been touched by tragedy. Her uncle, Wade Deveran was murdered during the "Late Unpleasantness," seven years ago.

Although House Deveran is only minor Iskari nobility, the family has ruled the Hinterlands region for over 200 years. The family also has roots in far away Sasserine. Kendra's third-cousin; Viggo Deveran, is a wealthy merchant who heads up the family there.