Prince Kendros Rennarë

Son of Axilar Rennarë and the first ruler of the Ralani colony of Kendar. Kendros, along with his father, founded the Colony of Kendar in the year AR -46 (379/4)

Over the next thirty years, Kendros greatly expanded the colony, founding four more cities in the Sky-Valley he discovered beyond the Hellfire Mountains; they were named Axilon, Kendar, Highspire, and Dragonloft. He survived many battles, defeating large tribes of Tasloi, Troglodytes, and Gnolls that inhabited the region known today as the Rockdale.

Kendros and his fledgling colony were lucky, in that the largest power in the region; Sha'Dur, was recovering from a devastating 60-year conflict with Shorafa known as the War of Scorching Flame. That war ended three years before Axilar landed on Avokhar, and the weakness of Sha'Dur allowed the Ralani to build their colony without serious interruption.

At the time of his death, he appointed five great noble families to rule; calling them the Sky-Lords of Kendar. One Lord came from each of the five cities of Kendar. Kendros is remembered as the true founder of the Republic of Kendar and is a great hero to the Kendarum today.