Prince Kendros Sanborn

Kendros Sanborn was the youngest son of Axilar Sanborn and the first ruler of the Ralani colony of Kendar.

Kendros, along with his father, founded the Colony of Kendar in the year AR -64. Over the next thirty years, the Prince explored the neighboring Hellfire Mountains, the Sky-Valley, and the entire Rockdale region.

During that time, he greatly expanded the colony, founding five different settlements in the Sky-Valley; Axilon, Dragonsbluff, Highspire, Kendar City, and Shard.

Kendros survived many battles, defeating large tribes of native Olman, Gnolls, Tasloi, Troglodytes, and Gnolls which inhabited the region.

The fledgling Ralani colony was lucky, because at that time, Sha'Dur; the largest regional power, was recovering from a devastating 60-year conflict with its neighbor Shorafa.

This bloody conflict was known as the War of Scorching Flame and ended three years before Axilar first landed on Azoria. The weakened state of both Sha'Dur and Shorafa allowed the Ralani to expand their colony without serious interruption.

Upon his return to the colonies after his journey to the Seven Cities of Bronze; King Axilar warned Kendros about the growing threat of the Kingdom of Eloysia.

Having been trained as an engineer back in Rastios, Kendros immediately used his skills regarding fortifications, to heavily fortify the main northern and southern entrance to the Sky-Valley. This proved to be a very prudent decision.

For nearly twenty years, Kendros and his engineers labored to complete the Fortresses of Ironspike and Castle Defiant. But when they were completed, the Colony was impregnable.

At the time of his death, he appointed five great noble families to rule; calling them the Sky-Lords of Kendar. One Lord came from each of the five cities of Kendar. He further decreed that all future Sky-Lords would be appointed by a representative voting body called the Kendarum; an elected body that wielded true political powers.

Kendros is fondly remembered today as the founder of the Republic of Kendar and is a great hero to the Kendari people.