Lost Kingdom of Kerathos

Kerathos was a thriving, Kratheri civilization that oncec controlled most of the Kratheri Peninsula; until it was destroyed by the Thannish invaders during the Glorious Conquest.

Not much is known about this great Kratheri civilization that once prospered throughout the Kratheri Peninsula, because most of its written records were destroyed by the Thannish, long ago.

Sages agree that Kerathos was originally founded In the early years of the Third Age by Kratheri settlers sailing from the continent of Za'har. These settlers migrated across the Vhan Myr to escape the demon-worshiping Deskari; who had already destroyed Krath; their civilization on Za'har.

Kerathos continued to prosper throughout the Third Age. During that period of prosperity, the Kratheri built three great cities on the peninsula; their capitol of Jareesh; and the cities of Jhovar and Jharë.

In the late Third Age, Kerathos was still strong enough to resist the the Hakeen peoples of the Xholar Empire; who tried to expand south from the Torak Mountains. But, for unknown reasons, Kerathos began to decline by the early Fourth Age.

Even though it was in decline, Kerathos was the only real military power on the Kratheri Peninsula in the year 179/4. That was the first year of the, so-called, "Glorious Conquest;" when Prince Daghon Durethë of Eldara and his Thannish colonists first arrived on-shore. At first, the armies of Kerathos resisted the Eldaran invaders, but they were eventually overwhelmed.

The turning point for the Kratheri people was the Siege of Jareesh, an eight-year siege which ended disastrously for them, and caused the death of Prince Daghon. The conquering Eldarans destroyed the city in the year 193/4, and massacred its entire population.

Following that tragedy, the other two great cities of Kerathos soon opened their gates and surrendered to the invading Eldarans, who promptly enslaved them. Over the centuries, the Kratheri culture and language has withered, and very little of the traditions of history of Kerathos is known today as a result.


The largest monument to Kerathos is the ruined city of Jareesh, a symbol of Thannish cruelty. The last king of Kerathos before Jareesh fell was Nek'var Barshem.