Battle of Khamesh

(AR 006) Khamesh was the site of an epic battle during the Tarxian Wars, fought between Eloysian forces and the army of Oriad.

At that time, Oriad was a powerful regional kingdom, ruled by King Tarxian. King Tarxian had foolishly defied Queen Lorica for several years and violated the treaties she had set forth.

Once he assumed the Jade Throne, however, the young Emperor Al'Dur made it clear to King Tarxian he was not weak like his mother.

Tarxian refused to give tribute, and in AR 003,the so-called "Tarxian Wars" began. Al'Dur soon marched out to meet the larger army of Tarxian.

Nearly 60,000 warriors perished that day, but it was a decisive Eloysian victory. King Tarxian was slain during this battle and his army routed. Soon after, the city of Oriad fell, bring the Tarxian Wars to a swift conclusion.